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Our Team Your Films

Team Films is an Angolan film producer providing a complete service specialised in advertisement, TV contents and Cinema. With a vast knowledge of our territory, culture and market, Team Films offers human resources, technical means and necessary know-how to produce a big diversity of audiovisual projects.

For Team Films, each project is more than a challenge. It’s a collective work that congregates commitment, skills and expertise of our team with the demands, objectives and desires of our clients to achieve an audiovisual product in which everyone is proud of. Dedicating focus in details and adding value in every step of the process, since initial briefing until the job is done. All in order to guarantee deadlines, budget and quality. We aim to consolidate our position as one of the major films producers in Angola working worldwide.

TEAM Films was founded in 2014 by its CEO - Gildo Mariano - with the sole purpose of providing solutions for its costumers and Angola, based on advertisement, TV and Cinema, that allow companies to develop and enhance their businesses and relations. It all started with the domain of service market until we committed as a complete service producer, a dream that was born in 2006.

And we were born for believing that team spirit can overcome any challenge, as you know in our area it happens all the time.
In that sense we collected a dream TEAM of problem solvers which love to go all the way in order to find the best production for your project.

Because we are an Angolan team we believe in our potential in Angola and beyond borders, as we hold a vast knowledge of our market and consumers in many activity segments. Only with a strong local vision we are able to work, create, adapt, share experiences, know-how and creativity in Angola’s reality.

We are considered masters at film production.


Providing advertisement, Contents and Complete Service to our costumers. Simultaneously our signature is flexible innovation to find new business opportunities.


Our aim is to learn. In a market of constant evolution like Angola, continuous learning is obligatory. That is the only way to apply disruption, which means doing things differently. Our difference is to know and master the market, and that is only possible because we invest in the people who work with us and methods day after day.

Our TEAM shares the same vision, to deliver a high quality product and make every participant feel proud, even when it felt as an impossible task. Success and victory are not just the finishing line, it represents the journey as well.

Walking the path might bring some unexpected challenges, huge laughs and even quite a suspense. All of the ingredients for a story with a happy ending, on which your brand is the main character.

To present and develop advertisement communications tools, in a fast manner, effective and for a fair price in the Angolan market contributing for the rise up of Angola on a global framework.


Defending our clients interests drives us through our growth. Social accountability and norm fulfilment support the quality of that growth.

We don’t think as audiences, clients and consumers. We think in the ones who need products, services and better life quality. Work, creativity, aesthetic coherence, critical sense, ethics and respect for what we do to produce out of the box ideas, in due time.