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We are an Angolan team with over 10 years of experience in the market. We provide quality production service that includes commercial films, photography and television content.

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The best productions require the best support. Castings, locations and all the necessary resources to film productions in Angola are the daily basis at TEAM Films when it comes to service. We are market leaders in these services holding until date projects with the best producers, directors and agencies.


When our TEAM works at advertisement, we do it beyond the traditional technical components. We deal with planning, film creation and production for a variety of formats and publishes - Cinema, TV, Internet and Radio. We keep up with your projects, provide resources and décors, and we manage our part as co-producers as well.


TEAM FILMS is an active partner of the most renown national entities, for spreading social and cultural communications, contributing for the success of these organism to fit the credibility due to them.


Some concepts need something more than the edge of reality. Post-production is part of our working process and we guarantee ourselves hunting the best graphic artists, prepared for any challenge. If your idea is out of the box, contact us.

TV contents

We have experience at live-broadcast experience, mixing, recording and producing TV shows. We also deal with castings and can help with production on set.

Team Sound

Because films can’t live without sound, we have created Team Sound for main support of TEAM Films, with a direct opening for the market by producing radio jingles, original sound tracks, audio mixture, sound recording both on exteriors and studio.

Team Casting

The success of our films is directly related to people. Electing the right figures and personalities which embody fictional characters is an art and is production demanding. We also have access to public figures in Angola and internationally.

Team Location

Angola is an unique and rich multicultural country, with natural sets that one can only imagine as paradise. But if choosing the perfect set is already a challenge, securing conditions and informing local community is a part that demands one from our TEAM specialised in providing tranquility in your behalf.


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